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Romeo Matteo Zanaboni Dina - director of Petit Cabaret 1924.

"Romeo is my stage name and identifies the dreaming side of me. Matteo is my first name, the rational side. Zanaboni Dina is my family name. In my signature my origins: Tullio Zanaboni (born 1924, paternal grandfather), Piero Dina (born 1924, maternal grandfather). My project is dedicated to them and to their wives: Petit Cabaret 1924. I was born in Milano on the 29th of October 1983, from a banking and a german teacher.

After finishing my classical studies I dedicated myself to the study of laws, getting a degree and accomplishing the legal practice in the court in Milan. At the same time (and since the beginning) I've been developing a huge passion for the juggling art. When the passion took over on the job (Romeo knocked out his alter ego Matteo), I left everything back and I started my artistic studies.
First in Berlin, with "Jonglier Katakomben", the sacred tempe of jugglers. A place of silence and focus in which I got quickly better and prepared for the circus school's castings. I got in "Escuela de Circo Carampa" in Madrid, where I expanded my technical knowledge, studying all the circus disciplines. My exit act has been a juggling act, that made me enter the master degree in "Centre Regional des Arts du Cirque" in Lille.

During my staying in Lille I've been called to work in the company "Cirq'ulation Locale", the same one which, years back, had me amazed and made me leave the law field for the circus one. I've been travelling the world for three years and made my experience solid on the main stages, but my real nature was about to come out: my dream about being a circus artist could only be true in a real circus.

Simon Dubois, enterpreneur of a big french circus family, had moved to Belgium and was about to organize a circus festival for which he contacted me as a juggler. An astonishing experience, which immediately brought me to sail for the Caribbeans, working in Cirque de Paris' tent.

Back from the journey I took all my courage and on July 2015 I opened the Petit Cabaret 1924. With my voice scratched from the emotions I started to welcome the audience in my own tent, with my first show as a director. It's been great satisfactions and I hope this project, fulfilled with all the artists and friends, would navigate for years and years yet to come.

The success of the cabaret is due to all the artists who've performed in it, sharing with the audience and the colleagues, with plenty of kindness, their sensible souls and their abilities.

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